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Girls Give Back

Girls Give Back was founded in 2012 by Erin Stack and Kristen Weeden, two women with a strong passion for doing good and helping others.  The organization was affectionately named for their daughters - Margaret, Brie, Maddie, Zoe, Lily, Sophia, Georgia and Emilie.  It was the hope that Erin and Kristen would not only start this organization to help others, but also to teach their daughters along the way through volunteer work, random acts of kindness and The Summer Market.

Since the Summer Market launched in 2006, funds raised at the event have been donated to countless organizations, individuals and families in need. 

Below, we share with you a few of our bigger projects...




The Gift of Home

giving the gift of home to those in need...

Home is a place of love and comfort that should welcome you with open arms. Girls Give Back was able to give the "Gift of Home" to 3 local families that were in need.  After a weekend away, families returned home to a fresh, clean space with new household items and an overall sense of comfort, serenity and renewal.


Gift of Home #1


Gift of Home #2 Crew


Gift of Home #2 Before & After


Gift of Home #3 Crew


Gift of Home #3 Before & After




 New Home, New Gift


Sr. Mary Berigan (3rd from left) and Donna Humphrey (1st from left) opened a home to care for children of families in crisis back in 2005.  This home, located in Lorain County is Blessing House.  These 2 women, angels on earth.

Blessing House and Girls Give Back formed a partnership back in 2016 at a chance meeting, a car wash to be exact.  Girls Give Back was searching for a group to help them at the Summer Market and Blessing House was looking for ways to raise funds.  So for the past several years, Blessing House has helped at the Market and GGB makes a donation to their non-profit.  A match made in Heaven.

In 2020 Blessing House will be breaking ground on a brand new, state of the art home to be able to help even more children and families in need.  For all these years, they only had space to serve 10 children at a time, but with this new home they will now be able to serve over 25!  Their waiting list is long.

Because of the amazing and selfless work these women do each and every day, we made a stronger commitment to their organization.

2019 - Girls Give Back sponsors the Lake Erie Bedroom at the new home and makes a donation of $25,000.

2020 - Girls Give Back donates 20,000 with $15,000 going towards a sponsorship of the Child Intake Room and an additional $5,000 going towards general operating costs.


Want to learn more about Blessing House? or make a donation?
Click Here



Random Acts of Kindness


Over the years, Girls Give Back volunteers have participated in "A Day of Giving."

On these days, our volunteers and contractors were invited to come together to share over $5,000 throughout the community through random acts of kindness. In just a few hours, the community felt a lot of love!  The goal: to see smiles and invoke joy that we hope continued to spread after those special days.

The picture above:  The man sitting in the chair is in an Avon Lake Auto Shop getting a hole in his tire fixed.  What he doesn't know is that little Isaac has just paid the entire bill for this service.